Wound Care

Wounds Care

As podiatrists, we are also experts in wound care below the knee. It is important for all our patients to be better educated on wound healing so they can continue the healing process in between their visits to the Frederick Foot & Ankle offices. Below are some important factors that affect wound healing.



Proper blood flow to the site of the wound is important because of all the necessary healing factors found in blood, such as neutrophils, macrophages, lymphocytes, and oxygen. Those with circulation disorders, are going to have delayed or halted healing and therefore need to be even more vigilant of the site.



Although it is not an obvious factor what you consume does play a role in the healing process.

Protein rich foods have been noted in several studies as providing the necessary building blocks for your skin to recover; beans, nuts, chicken, milk, and eggs are some examples of protein packed foods.

Fatty Acids are what make up each of your cell membranes. Just remember to choose the healthy fats that are found in olives, avocados, salmon, and nuts.

Carbohydrates are needed for their source of energy. Carbohydrates are good in moderation and the whole grain cereals and breads are the better choice.

Vitamin C contains antioxidants and helps with the production of collagen. Antioxidants protect your body from potentially damaging oxidizing agents and collagen is a ma

in component of skin and connective tissue. For a daily dose of vitamin C eat your leafy greens and citrus fruits.

Vitamin A is needed for each of your cells to reproduce and keep chances of infection minimal. Many vegetables contain vitamin A like carrots, sweet potatoes, and squash, to name a few.

Zinc is needed for your immune system to stay alert and to aid in cell division. Zinc comes from some meats like turkey and lamb. For those that don’t eat meat, zinc can be obtained from quinoa, pumpkin seeds, and lentils.



Wound healing is another added benefit to quitting this habit. Cigarettes are toxic and slow your circulation impeding the necessary healing factors from reaching the site of the wound.

Wound Care Bandages


With your skin no longer intact the wound care dressing acts as a temporary barrier from microbes as your skin continues to regenerate.  When necessary and in the presence of significant swelling, the dressing can also provide compression to the affected area. Compression helps reduce swelling in the area, keeps blood flow moving through the veins, decreases pain, and reduces chances of a blood clot. Compression bandages can be paired with other compression aids like; compression socks and lymphedema pumps.

Wound Environment


In addition to keeping the wound covered, the wound dressing can also optimize the environment of the wound to aid in healing. It can add or wick away moisture, provide antimicrobial coverage (protect against bacteria), add healing factors and/or remove dead tissue. A wound should neither be too dry nor too wet. It should also be clean and clear of infection.



Wounds can be caused by constant pressure to an area. In order to help the wound heal, it is important to help remove or reduce the pressure. Accommodative shoe gear, pads, inserts and other medical devices can help with that. See one of our podiatrists for the right recommendations for you.

For additional questions on how to properly care for your wound, do not hesitate to make an appointment with one of our well-trained podiatrist.


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