Stepping Out In Alegria Shoes

Mynewfeetstore at Frederick Foot & Ankle has added a new brand to our shoe collection. We only add shoes that are well designed and proven to be health foot ware. Our newest addition is Alegria made by PG Lite. Alegria’s mission statement is “to create comfortable shoes that invoke happiness.” Their shoes are known for their thick heel and whimsical design options.

The thick heels help promote a neutral walking gait with a footbed that provides a heel cup and arch support leaving you with happy feet all day. With a supportive footbed the wearer is in a more neutral position helping to align feet, knees, hips, and back. Alegria has been producing shoes for over twenty years and they are already popular in the healthcare field with nurses and doctors wearing them as their everyday work shoes. Alegria also provides various styles that include; boots, wedges, sandals, sneakers, and professional shoes.

Not only does Alegria make great supportive shoes but they promote green living with their recycled packaging materials.

When asked about her new Alegria shoes one of our customers answered “after three months of wearing these shoes my knees feel better and I love the fun designs!”

5 Interesting Shoe Facts

  1. Men started the trend of wearing heels. The heels signified high social standing and were also beneficial for riding horses with stirrups.

  2. Dorothy’s ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz were sold for $660,000

  3. Shoes specific to the left and right feet were first developed by the ancient Romans

  4. Sneakers were first created in 1916 in America

  5. In 2013 the Guinness Book recognized Jordan Geller with the largest shoe collection with 2,388 pairs.

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