Preparing for Spring Training

Hopefully, all you faithful FFA bloggers have been following along with the Sochi Olympics and soaking it all in, because sadly it came to a close this past weekend. After the 4 year anticipation, the triumph of victory and the tears of defeat the Sochi Games are over.

These games weren’t the best for the US as we came in 4th in the gold medals, with 9 and 28 all together. We were the runners up to Russia, Norway and Canada! Thankfully, these games are over and we can take a short off season before starting preparing for the next Winter Games. Just like we can start to forget the miserable last few weeks of Polar Vortex weather and start prepping for Spring Training!

Make sure you have a good solid pair of training shoes. Your shoes are one of the most important key ingredients for a positive spring training experience. All you athletes know that preseason is the worse time, with double days (practicing 2 x a day) while your body is getting acclimated to the rigors of outdoor training. The last thing that should be on your mind is a foot or ankle injury due to faulty equipment (old trainers)! So before you get in the heart of your spring training, stop in and have a chat with your local podiatrist about proper foot wear and if you are wearing the correct style of shoe for your particular foot type.

If you or someone you know might be interested in discussing a preseason injury or proper training shoes with me or another one of your knowledgeable podiatrists, come on into the office of Frederick Foot & Ankle Specialists. We would be more than happy to schedule an appointment, at either of our locations in Frederick, MD or Urbana, MD. We can set you up the proper evaluation and treatment plan to help you relieve your foot and ankle pains and/or get you in the correct trainers; don’t hesitate visiting your local podiatrists!

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