Frederick Foot and Ankle Shoe Stores

Frederick Foot and Ankle Shoe Stores

The most delicate part of each lower limb is, without a doubt, the foot. Your feet are subjected to a great deal of pressure and therefore require extra care. One of the ways to do this is through proper foot-friendly footwear. The support staff and associates at Frederick Foot and Ankle understand this and are dedicated to ensuring you have access shoes that best serve your feet and ankles. We achieve this through our unique in-office shoe stores. The Frederick and Ankle shoe departments feature a wide variety of professionally recommended high-quality footwear for comfort and different types of foot problems. Podiatrist Selected Foot-Friendly Shoes At Frederick Foot and Ankle, we understand that wearing the wrong kind of shoes for your feet can cause a number of foot problems. These problems can include bunions, hammertoes, calluses, and corns. These and other common foot conditions may cause significant discomfort and can occasionally require surgery. For this reason, we have the best podiatrists in Frederick with years of experience select our foot-friendly shoes. If you usually experience pain and discomfort in your feet while doing everyday activities, you can get the right shoe at the Frederick Foot and Ankle shoe stores near you. The knowledgeable and skilled staff members there will assist you in finding the shoes that are right for you. Our Shoe Store Products At Frederick Foot and Ankle, we provide a wide range of comfortable and high-quality shoes from leading international brands. Some of the shoe brands we sell include: · Vionic – Vionic is one of the most popular science-infused shoe brands built on the work of a renowned podiatrist. The shoes offer essential stability and additive support. Each shoe features concealed biomechanical technology geared towards foot health. This proprietary technology hugs the natural contours of your feet for optimal support. · Alegria – Alegria is a shoe brand that emphasizes both comfort and style, not compromising on the former. The shoe construction is based on foot feel and features a patented footbed constructed from soft polyurethane, cork, and memory foam. This design ensures that each shoe forms to your foot for that personalized fit. The shoes also feature a sloped outsole that facilitates an anatomically correct and natural walking motion that reduces stress on your feet and improves your posture. · Altra – Altra is a brand that designs and makes shoes geared towards running. The impact of the foot hitting the ground while running can be very intense and thus proper footwear is crucial. Altra running shoes are built on a Balanced Cushioning platform. This positions your forefoot and heels such that your foot is optimally aligned and landings are low impact. Altra also features technology that caters to the unique form of the female foot (narrow mid-foot and heel, longer arch and higher instep). · Brooks – This iconic brand has a long history of innovate technology geared towards comfort and stability for runners feet. Brooks running shoes emphasize personalization to afford the right build for your feet.

· New Balance – New Balance shoes offer a perfect blend of function and style and are geared towards providing comfort and support while performing athletic activities.

With our Altra, Brooks and New Balance shoe offerings, Frederick Foot and Ankle is the best running stores near you to get foot-friendly shoes for the athletic types. Professional Shoe Fitting Frederick Foot and Ankle also offers professional shoe fitting services alongside our offerings. Our highly trained staff will help you select the best shoes for your feet and lifestyle. Our shoe fitting services ensure that you are afforded the right fit for comfort, mobility, and style. We understand that even the most orthotic-friendly shoes can cause problems if they are fitted wrongly. You will get to learn what works for your feet and be fitted with shoes that keep your feet healthy. Frederick Foot and Ankle will only sell you a pair of shoes that is suitable for your feet type and size. In-House Diabetic Foot Program People with diabetes often require specialized footwear and foot orthotics since they are prone to various foot problems. Frederick Foot and Ankle has an in-house diabetic foot program that caters to Frederick residents with diabetes. Our shoes stores carry a variety of Medicare-approved shoes for diabetic patients. These therapeutic shoes feature extra depth to accommodate diabetic insoles custom fitted for each patient’s feet. The shoes can also feature rocker bottoms with rigid shanks to help with ground force realignment to encourage normal gait. The podiatrist selected and fitted products offered by Frederick Foot and Ankle ensure maximum customer satisfaction. We have a transparent 100 % return policy. You can return any of our products if you feel they are not the perfect fit for you. Feel free to CALL US or CONTACT US via the Frederick Foot and Ankle website today to learn more about our foot-friendly products and complementary services



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