Keryflex Nail Restoration

Keryflex: Nail Restoration

Have you dropped a large object on your foot and permanently damaged your nail? Or do you have yellow discolored toenails that you feel embarrassed to show in public? Well Keryflex might be a solution for you! Our doctors can create a nail for you at any of our locations: Fredrick, MD  Urbana, MD  and Martinsburg, WV. Before we dive in and explain the Keryflex treatment, let’s get educated a little about fungal toenails.

Many times fungal toenail infections go unnoticed, however, they are a common foot health problem and can persist for years without ever causing pain. Normally characterized as a change in a toenail's color and brittle or thickening of nails, fungal nails are infections underneath the surface of the nail. Though some fungal infections may be mild and not painful, if left untreated they can ultimately lead to deformity and pain when walking or running.

Fungus is found in the environment and many that infect humans thrive in dark and moist conditions. Shoes such as Ugg boots are a breeding ground for fungus. The problem usually lies in the patient not wearing any socks with the shoe and allowing excess moisture to build in the shoe. This, of course, applies to all footwear not just Uggs and can occur with or without wearing socks.

You can prevent fungal nail infections by taking the following precautions: exercise proper hygiene on your feet, keep them dry, clip nails straight and don’t cut the cuticles.  Exercise caution when going to salons for a pedicure by going to a reputable place that sterilizes instruments. Depending on the type and severity of infection, a topical medication, oral medication or laser treatment may be recommended, and the diseased nail matter and debris removed. This can all be done at Frederick Foot and Ankle during your visit.

Keryflex improves the appearance of damaged nails by creating a flexible artificial nail. How is it applied? First, the nail bed is prepared with debridement of the nail and treatment of fungal nail (if necessary). A Keryflex bond is brushed onto the current nail plate and nail bed. Then Keryflex Resin gel is placed, which allows for the building and shaping of the nail. Lastly, Keryflex seal is applied after the shaping and UV light hardens the substances within 2 minutes. On average, Keryflex takes a total of about 30 minutes per nail.

Keryflex can allow the patient to have an aesthetically pleasing nail. As a polymer, it acts more like a natural nail than an acrylic and can be painted. We recommend that you see a podiatrist for evaluation and treatment if you show any fungal nail symptoms or have damage to the nail, the longer the patient delays the visit the tougher finding a cure can be.