Do you feel like you have a broken foot?

Well, why allow the pain to linger? Unknowingly walking in a broken leg can not only impede but also increase your chances of requiring surgical intervention. With any ailment, early detection and treatment result in the most favorable results. Fortunately, you can now book a same-day appointment for the best x-ray services in town.

At Frederick Foot and Ankle, we offer in-house X-ray services, so you have no reason whatsoever not to get checked out now! From compound fractures to broken bones, we can effectively service your most critical injuries.


When you visit our facility, our doctors will perform a full physical exam while checking for tenderness points in your leg. Why? This will help us determine the exact location of your pain and effectively help determine the underlying cause.

What’s more, our doctors may move your foot into various positions to assess your motion range. We may ask you to walk for a relatively short distance to allow us to examine your gait. Nonetheless, if your symptoms and signs suggest a broken foot or a fracture, our doctors may decide to perform several imaging tests for a proper diagnosis.


In most cases, foot fractures are visualized on X-rays. Our technicians usually take x-rays from varying angles to ensure bine images won’t overlap. Usually, stress fractures frequently show up on x-rays until the break begins to heal.


For bone scans, our technicians usually inject small amounts of radioactive material into your vein. This radioactive component is subsequently attracted to your bones, particularly the bone parts which may have suffered damage. Some of the damaged areas include stress fractures which are indicated by bright spots on the scanned image.


Our professional CT scans usually take x-rays from multiple different angles and subsequently combine them to create cross-sectional images of your body’s internal structures. Our CT scans can help reveal in-depth details about your bones and the surrounding soft tissues helping our physicians determine the most appropriate treatment.


Our MRI uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to create comprehensive images of the ligaments that bind and support your ankle and foot. With the ability to show bones and ligaments, our MRI can effectively spot fractures otherwise not visible through x-rays.

Other X-rays available at Frederick Foot and Ankle:

  • Lower extremities: foot, knee, ankle, leg (fibula, tibia, femur)


If, after proper diagnosis and x-ray, we discover that you are suffering from a broken foot, the next course is to recommend proper treatment. However, treatment will usually vary depending on the precise broken bone as well as the severity of your injury.


If you require an X-ray for any injuries such as a compound fracture or broken foot x-ray, only a lower extremity health expert can give you a proper diagnosis.

At Frederick Foot and Ankle, we offer in-house X-Ray Services at our Urbana and Frederick offices. With our state-of-the-art in-house x-ray machines combined with a team of professional doctors, we are perfectly ready and suited to cater to your most urgent and persistent injuries. What’s more, with our prompt services, your x-rays order can be processed within your initial visit.

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