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Modified COVID-19 Hours

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*All Urbana patients will be cared for at our Frederick office
*Modified COVID-19 Hours

Monday:        Closed

Tuesday:        8:30AM - 4:30PM
Wednesday:   Closed
Thursday:      8:30AM - 4:30PM
Friday:           Closed

            All hours may vary
Modified COVID-19 Hours
Closed on 5/14



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In House Bracing and Dispensing

In House Bracing and Dispensing


Frederick Foot and Ankle offers a large selection of over the counter (otc) and custom bracing right in our offices. Foot and ankle braces can be used to help treat a wide variety of concerns, deformities and injuries. They are fit and dispensed right in our office.

Some of the common indications for OTC braces include:

Acute and chronic ankle sprains • Chronic ankle instability • Syndesmosis sprain • Prophylactic use • For transition from walker boot or cast to daily activities after an injury • ankle injury rehabilitation of ankle sprain and strains. • to increase support in inversion and eversion • tendonitis or chronic tendon tear

We also have custom bracing options available in our office for patients of all ages. The doctor can evaluate and determine the most appropriate brace to fit your needs. A custom mold of the foot and ankle will be taken in the office. The doctor will prescribe specially customized features to best suit your circumstances and treat your concerns.  For our younger patients, the braces come in vibrant and fun colors!

Some of the common indications for custom braces include:

Adults: Mild to Moderate Ligament Instability, Chronic Ankle Instability requiring long term brace use, Drop Foot, Charcot Foot, Mild Muscular Dystrophy, Post Spinal Surgery or Injuries, In-toeing or out-toeing