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"I have been very pleased with Dr. Steinberg since she first opened her practice. Since many years all the staff and help have been superior and the office is immaculate. I would recommend anyone having foot problems to see Dr. Steinberg"
- Rosemary B. 

-- Vaughn R.

-- Sandra B.

-- Debbie C.

Dear Frederick Foot & Ankle Specialists,

I absolutely feel compelled to write this post because I have talked with SO many people with foot problems.  The biggest things I hear is how the problems persist after surgery or the multiple surgeries they end up having..  I myself walked around with Arthritis and bone spurs in my big toe joint for two years.  All I was told that could be done was to remove the cartilage (what little was left) and fuse the bone.  No more movement of the toe joint, but no more pain.  Sorry, not an option for me.

Are you kidding me? I’m 48…I certainly am not done using that joint to its fullest.  I’m a passionate yogi…no more down dogs? I love to hike…while I’m limited now until the pain stops me, wouldn’t that stop me altogether? Yeah, ain’t happenin’! And all that’s before we even being to discuss the limits on hot shoes that I’ll never wear again!!

While at a podiatrist appointment for my daughter (the 2ndone) I realized that I really liked the doctor we were talking with.  Her name is Dr. Brenna Steinberg and she is the founding partner at Frederick Foot and Ankle Specialist.  I told her what was wrong with my foot and asked her if it was worth making an appointment to discuss any options.   Right then and there she said take off your shoe.  She took a quick look at my toe, felt around, bent it etc, and then said with all the confidence in the world “oh absolutely!  This is my specialty.  I can fix this and your pain.  Make your appointment”

So, I made the appointment.  At the appointment she determined exactly what was happening. Man they have so many cool tools and equipment RIGHT there.  Quick answers are very important to me. Instead of shuffling you off to this lab for that and x-ray for this etc and then meeting back to discuss all the results,  we had an entire plan that very day.  She would cut out the extra bone spurs that had grown due to the lack of cartilage, would make room for something called a Hemi Implant and I’d be back to at least 95% of my prior healthy self for at LEAST the next 10 years!   And recovery time? Oh man….14 days!  That’s not 100% but pretty close.  I never had to be on crutches.  I walked with a surgical boot and kept all weight bearing on my heal, for the 14 days.  Other fusion surgeries? NO weight bearing AT ALL for 6 weeks.  Who has time for that these days?

I had the surgery, she was amazing!  Dr. Steinberg has the best bedside manner, gave me access to her cell phone while healing (what? Yeah, that’s right!) a staff that’s as great as she is.  She has truly created an office unlike most.  Her forward thinking shows in every aspect of her personality, the business she has created, including the Surgery Center in Frederick which she founded.  I feel it’s my mission to share this information to all those who share in foot pain and live with it every day because they fear the cure is worse than what they have or the risk is too high.  Oh there are other happy patients also, with all different sorts of issues, just read the Google reviews!

- Denise F., March 7th, 2013

Dear Dr. Yanes,

"I just wanted to say 'thank-you' for the tremendous care + concern I recieved during the recovery of my broken foot. You + your staff were so nice & kind  to me and I always enjoyed my doctor visits! Thanks again!"

- Marla F.

Dear Dr Yanes,

"I just wanted to say thank you again for choosing me & my ugly toes to practice on. Talk about being at the right place & time. I know it's not permanent, but it will enjoy wearing sandals and not be embarassed for a little while"

Thanks again,

- Lidia C.

Dear Frederick Foot and Ankle

Thank you for recommending for me to buy orthaheel. I have Plantar Fasciitis and I have to be careful about what sandals and flip flops I wear. If I wear the wrong shoe I cannot walk and need to go in a boot cast. The Doctor told me to try orthaheel over a year ago. I tried the flip flops and the ones that look like sandals. I bought them both they cost more than ever spend on flip flops or sandals. I went on a trip and did a lot of walking many miles a day and only brought my two pairs of orthaheels. At the end of the day my feet felt great no pain. They worked better then sneakers. I have even wore the Orthaheels to go hiking. They are also great to wear at the beach and pool.  In spring and summer that's the only shoe I wear . Orthaheel is worth the cost. They have Vionic soles. My Orthaheels still look good and the soles are barely worn. I now own three pairs in different colors.

Best Regards,

Ellen B.

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