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Fast Track Fitness, LLC

Heather Fleishell, CPT, PES

Fast Track Fitness - Mission Statement

My goal is to provide my clients with an opportunity to live a healthier and happier lifestyle through fitness and nutrition. Everyone's needs are completely individualized and a proper evaluation will give me the tools I need to help you feel the best you can!

Welcome to Fast Track Fitness. Providing you a way to live a healthy and happy lifestyle through movement and education. 

What our training facility has to offer you! 
  • Individualized consultations and assessments 
  • Myofacial stretching 
  • Deep tissue foam rolling 
  • Stability and mobility training 
  • Weight loss programming 
  • Cardio training
  • Strength and endurance training 
  • Nutrition analysis and vitamin supplementation

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Front Office

Hannah K.
Lead Scheduler

Shanta B.
Lead Patient Relations Specialist


Tabby H.
Urbana Coordinator

Amy H.
Patient Relations Specialist


Jasmine S.
Patient Relations Specialist


Mary S.
Remote Specialist

Amanda S.
Remote Specialist

Rachel T.
Patient Relations Specialist


Kaitlyn S.
Remote Specialist

Megan N.
Patient Relations Specialist


Denise A.
Patient Relations Specialist

Back Office

Michelle M. PMAC
Medical Assistant Supervisor

Katherine H., CRNP


Shannon H., PMAC
Clinical Coordinator

Emily C. M.A.
Lead Medical Assistant


Jacqueline C., DPM

Breanne (Bre) R.
Retail Specialist


Keegan W., M.A.

Megan K., M.A.


Nicole S., M.A.

KC G., M.A.


Su Kim, DPM

Erica M. M.A.


Lindsay M. M.A.

Keecha M., M.A.


Kim D., M.A.

Kellen G., MA


Taryn S., M.A.

Ana A., M.A.


Yvonne Z., M.A.

Riya M., M.A.


Danielle S.
Lead Scribe

Jenny B.

Nicole C.


Billing Office

Christina C.
Billing Manager

Shannon T.
Billing Specialist


Pam W.
Billing Specialist



Meaghan N.
Billing Specialist

Angela R.
Billing Specialist

Management Team

Jen C.
Practice Administrator

Daman K.
Office Manager


Michelle L.
Accounts Payable


Patient & Community Relations

Kevin W.
Patient & Community Relations Coordinator

Christina L.
Marketing Administrator

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Our Offices

Frederick Office
141 Thomas Johnson Dr., Suite 170 Frederick, MD 21702
Urbana Office
3430 Worthington Blvd., Suite 201, Urbana, MD 21704