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What is Electrical Signal Therapy (EST)?
     EST is a treatment program for patients with diabetic and peripheral neuropathy. Symptoms of these include burning, tingling, stabbing and shooting pain, numbness and sensitivity.

    EST is an electrical signal wave treatment that regenerates nerves and increases blood flow by using electrical waves to simulate brain function in the damaged areas. With the help of 0.25% Marcaine, which is a vasodilator (opens the blood vessels for a short time to increase blood flow) and a local anesthetic. The more blood flow that your nerves get while stimulated the faster your regeneration takes place. 

     We also take pre-EST tests where we test your blood flow (Doppler) and nerve connectivity (Nerve Conduction Study). This will give us the post-EST test, which we repeat the two tests to find out what progress we have done. We do a set of 12 treatments, and up to two sets of 24. Depending on your schedule, we can perform up to 3 treatments a week and the treatments are approximately 25 minutes long.

Is the treatment effective?
    The treatment has about 95% positive effectiveness (patient results will vary) and has been performed on over 150 patients in our clinic within the last 3 years with a positive outcome. This is a preemptive treatment to surgery.

Is the treatment painful?
    EST treatments are NOT painful. We are using small amounts of electricity. Most patients mention that the treatments feel good during and after treatments. You will be able to drive and walk out of the clinic right after the treatment.

Does my insurance cover EST?
    Most insurance companies cover up to 24 treatments. We will pre-certify with your insurance company to make sure you have coverage and we will discuss your coverage before treatments are started. 

When will I know if the treatment is working?
    Most patients do not feel a difference after the 1st treatment. Each patient is different so the exact amount of treatment is unknown, Your symptoms didn't happen over night and neither will they go away that quickly so pinpointing the number that you will start to feel a difference is hard to determine. The treatment does take time to heal you so patience is key to the treatment. 

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