At Frederick’s Foot and Ankles Specialists we have taken notice in the toning shoes popularity. The belief is that these shoes represent a shortcut to getting in shape and toning your body while you walk. Well, at least that is what the companies are advertising. Customers have mainly been purchasing Sketchers Shape-ups or Reebok Easy-tones. These shoes have two distinct and unique designs. Sketchers Shape-ups are a ‘rocker-bottom’ structure similar to the rocking chair concept. It will allow you to rock from heel to toe during you walking stride. Reebok Easy-tones design consists of a ‘ball-like’ design on forefoot and heel. The concept is similar to you trying to balance on exercise ball while doing sit-ups.

It is true that traditional shoes can restrict natural foot function. It can promote weakness and possibly increase injury to foot or ankles. Toning shoes will just as likely alter natural foot function as well.  In some people it may create too much instability in walking/standing, which make it difficult to wear in certain intense activities. Toning shoes may slightly tone your lower extremities, but is the appearance worth less than optimal foot function? Visit our doctors in one of our locations in Frederick or Urbana, MD for more information on normal foot function.

When celebrities, such as, Kim Kardashian and Eva Mendes promote Sketchers Shape-ups and Reebok Easy-tones consumers will jump at a moment’s notice to purchase these ‘miracle’ shoes. But you must keep in mind that these shoes do not directly cause significant weight loss or a ripped body. They may provide some benefits, but you must be aware of the health risks that the shoe can cause through extended use. Patients do not realize that these shoes wear out more quickly than the standard due to the material the shoe is made out of. People who overpronate (roll ankles inward) should never consider these shoes as an everyday shoe. The shoes over time compress quickly and pronate the foot excessively. This can lead to hip, knee and joint problems.

‘Rocker-bottom’ shoes have been around the medical world for years. They have been used to rehabilitate ankles and work on position stance. It is important for you to know your foot tendencies and be aware of your limitations of your foot structure. Visit us to discuss specifically about your structure!

As always check your feet daily and stop by! It can help avoid future health problems!

By Brenna Steinberg


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