By Brenna Steinberg
January 16, 2017
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On Site X-rays


On site x-rays are convenient for many patient’s office visits at Frederick Foot & Ankle. X-rays are useful for visits where the patient has pain of unknown origin, an incident where there was trauma to the lower limb, post-operative appointments to monitor healing, helps to locate some foreign bodies, and fracture follow-up visits to note the progress.

 In the office, we have trained medical staff to take the images and more than capable doctors to read the images. At both locations x-rays are digital, meaning no wait time to have the x-ray pictures developed and explanation of your ailments can be viewed along with the doctor on the computer screen in your exam room. At the end of your appointment the digital images can be burned onto a CD so it can be taken to your next medical appointment if necessary (charges may apply).  

The best part is that an x-ray order can be written, carried out, and read all within your initial visit. This is great news for those that need and appointment and imaging right away, same day appointments are available at Frederick Foot & Ankle. 


By Coralia Terol
January 03, 2017
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Stepping Out in Style with Alegria Shoes

Mynewfeetstore at Frederick Foot & Ankle has added a new brand to our shoe collection. We only add shoes that are well designed and proven to be health foot ware. Our newest addition is Alegria made by PG Lite. Alegria’s mission statement is “to create comfortable shoes that invoke happiness.” Their shoes are known for their thick heel and whimsical design options.

The thick heels help promote a neutral walking gait with a footbed that provides a heel cup and arch support leaving you with happy feet all day. With a supportive footbed the wearer is in a more neutral position helping to align feet, knees, hips, and back. Alegria has been producing shoes for over twenty years and they are already popular in the healthcare field with nurses and doctors wearing them as their everyday work shoes. Alegria also provides various styles that include; boots, wedges, sandals, sneakers, and professional shoes.

Not only does Alegria make great supportive shoes but they promote green living with their recycled packaging materials.

When asked about her new Alegria shoes one of our customers answered “after three months of wearing these shoes my knees feel better and I love the fun designs!”

5 Interesting Shoe Facts

  1. Men started the trend of wearing heels. The heels signified high social standing and were also beneficial for riding horses with stirrups.
  2. Dorothy’s ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz were sold for $660,000
  3. Shoes specific to the left and right feet were first developed by the ancient Romans
  4. Sneakers were first created in 1916 in America
  5. In 2013 the Guinness Book recognized Jordan Geller with the largest shoe collection with 2,388 pairs.



By Coralia Terol
September 24, 2016
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We say good bye to one of our valued employees as she begins school at Life University in Georgia. Meredith (pictured above with her dog, Benelli) is a graduate of Catawba University of North Carolina where she was a star athlete and student. She completed her undergraduate degree in Biology and found a temporary home at Frederick Foot & Ankle where she utilized her medical, marketing, and social media skills.  


At Life University Meredith will be studying to be a Doctor of Chiropractic. Chiropractors treat individuals with neuromuscular ailments by making adjustments to the spine. To earn a degree as a chiropractor you must have an undergraduate degree before applying to school and then return to a dedicated chiropractic school for four more years. Chiropractic school entrance is competitive seeing that there are only 15 schools in the country that offer the program. The first two years of Chiropractic school are spent in the classroom and the last two years are mostly in a clinical setting. During the four years the chiropractic students must continue periodically take licensing exams. Chiropractors aim to decrease their patient's pain with body manipulations using their extensive knowledge of the spinal nervous system and biomechanics.  

Before Meredith moved to Georgia Dr. Terol did a mini interview so that we could all share in Meredith's new journey.  


Dr. Terol: Meredith we are so proud of you pursuing your passion in alternative medicine, what lead you to this career path?  

Meredith: I chose to pursue a Chiropractic career because I believe in healing the body as gently and natural as possible. I wanted to help people by using non-invasive techniques that are taught in chiropractic schools.  


Dr. Terol: You will be in school for 4 more years, have you thought ahead of what you will do after graduation?  

Meredith: Upon graduating with my DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) I want to continue my education in order to become a certified Veterinary Chiropractor. As a Vet Chiropractor you are able to practice manipulations on all types of animals. With this extra certification I will be able to open my patient schedule to a wider variety of patients and have a more diverse day than most health care providers.  


Dr. Terol: Working with Frederick Foot & Ankle I know you did not see any spinal adjustments, but I am sure that being around this wonderful company and working in a variety of avenues you learned many helpful skills. What are somethings you learned from being with us?   

Meredith: Frederick Foot & Ankle has shown me the complete view of a medical office and how patient care is the forefront of a successful practice. I was lucky enough to work with patients as well as the business aspect of Frederick Foot & Ankle.  


Dr. Terol: While you were an undergraduate at Catawba College you were also a Division II lacrosse player and managed to keep your grades at an impressive level. What is you advice to other students to keep a busy schedule and still maintain their studies? 

Meredith: My advice may be predictable but it truly helps, manage your time wisely, and when you have free time; get ahead on your work! But most importantly don't forget to enjoy your time at college because it goes by faster than you believe. 


By Nikki Ho
August 28, 2016
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Yellow nails can be embarrassing and in some cases they can be painful and potentially problematic. Luckily the nails you have currently are not the nails that you have to live with. At Frederick Foot & Ankle our podiatrists are up to date on the latest treatments for your discolored and thick nails.  


Often times the yellowing and the increased mass of the nails is due to a fungal infection. Fungus can be found in many places in the environment such as; a shower, inside of your shoes, or even if you are just walking barefoot and come across and infected surface. It is common to encounter fungus and occasionally it decides to make your nails their new home. The space created by your nail and the skin directly under the nail are often an ideal location for this fungal spores to set-up shop. Once the fungal spores have found a good location to call home, they begin to multiply and infect your nails. Normally the infection will start at the tip and then start working their way down to your cuticle. Along the way the spores are multiplying in between the layers of your nail which causes the thickness and the diminished clarity of your once healthy nails.  


Now to get rid of this unsightly problem Frederick foot and ankle has several different avenues, it is up to you and your podiatrist to choose the path that is right for you. First, would be a topical antifungal solution. The topical can come in a cream, gel, or oil. The topical solution should be applied to all of the infected nails covering the entire nail surface and the surrounding edges every day. Next, there is the oral medical that is taken once a day and works from the inside to combat the infection. Third is the laser, the laser heats up the fungal tissue so that the cells are destroyed and can no longer multiply. Finally there is a faux nail that can be formed in place of your undesirable nail. With Keryflex a majority of your infected nail is removed and a fake nail is molded in its place. A Keryflex nail gives instant results but the nail will still need to be treated so that the new nail that grows is fungus free. With all the treatment you should be sure that you are treating your footwear to rid the iside from any potential infection causing fungus. The spray should initially be used on the inside of all your shoes every night for a week and then for maintenance once a week. Spraying out your kicks will also yield a more pleasant odor. Treating your shoes is important because fungal elements prosper in shoes because they provide an ideal environment for growth.  


While you are doing everything correct in order to rid your feet of the unsightly invasion don't get discouraged when you do not see results immediately. Unless you choose the Keryflex option it may take 2 months before your being to see some advancements. When part of the old yellow nail grows out simply trim the nail, eventually the entirety of the unattractive nail will be clipped off leaving you with clear nails to show off. On average a healthy individual's total nail will grow out in 6 to 9 months, but it is not uncommon for the whole big toe to take a year to grow out. 


By Nikki Ho
August 04, 2016
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As a podiatrist you go through multiple years of schooling. After high school there are four years of undergraduate work, then four years of podiatry school, and finally residency for a minimum of three years. Thinking back to my first time going off to school there are some things that you don’t learn until you have been through it.


Remember that everyone is in the same situation as you; away from home and without friends. Don’t be afraid to be the first person to introduce yourself. Having a roommate can be the best experience, someone to study with, workout with, share class stories with, and most importantly someone to go to the café with. In case you need more encouragement to make new friends  wrote a whole article on it.  

Outside of entering into a new environment there is the daunting task of packing. Choose only clothes and items that you use regularly. Let’s be honest, if you have not worn that sweater from grandma in the last three winters you won’t be wearing it this winter at school and you won’t have room to store it. Stick with the staples; clothing for class, clothes to exercise in, bedding, toiletries, school supplies, and a picture of your family. Don’t sweat the small stuff if you forget something you can always find a place to purchase it or have it mailed to you. If you still feel like you need a more in depth checklist visit University Parent.

Everyone has their doubts and worries about their school selection. Just like anything else in life there are pros and cons to all situations. Sometimes the cons might seem more obvious because you are no longer in your comfort zone, but give your new friends and new school a chance. Almost all post-collegiate individuals I have talked to say they thought about transferring at least once during their time at school, but all were glad that they didn’t.

College is a time to try new things, so join the skiing club and make friends on the slopes, participate in research trials for the psychology department, and look into jobs that are offered on campus. Through all of the clubs, jobs, and research you will meet other students and possibly find your true passion that you would like to pursue after college or in your studies. New skills learned can be added to beef up your resume and help you in your future career. Normally at these college sanctioned events there are other people to network with that can help you during and after you graduate.  

Don’t forget the reason you are in school. The best way to keep up with classwork and learning is by actually attending class. According to skipping one class at a public institution would mean you are wasting $51.02. Classes are a way of studying with the guidance of your professor, classes will remind you what is important to know for tests and often times the class provides further explanation and visual stimulus on the topic.

Best of luck to all the students heading off to school in the fall!



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