By Nikki Ho
December 28, 2017
Category: Fall Risk
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Often falls happen to those with poor balance while they are mobile. At Frederick Foot & Ankle we asses all aspects of that can increase the risk of our patient’s falling. Some contributing factors to falls include; poor eyesight, medications, uneven terrain, decreased muscle strength, neuropathy, and other health issues. 

The Center for Disease Control reports that one in five falls causes a serious injury such as a broken bone or head injury. For those that are looking to improve their balance and strength there are chair exercises above that should be completed daily. The exercises should be 3 sets for 12 repetitions. Always consult your doctor before starting an exercise routine.

Staying active is the best way to combat balance issues. Often a period of inactivity after an injury or surgery can be a reason to start with chair exercises. Once the chair exercises are mastered more difficult balance challenges can be added. 

By Sraddha Lamichhane, DPM
December 21, 2017
Category: Podiatry
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During this holiday season I feel nostalgic and like to reflect on my good fortunes. Too often I forget all the positives in my life and focus on the inconveniences. I heard from a friend years ago about the idea of gratitude journaling but never started one or really considered its benefits. Gratitude journaling is meant to bring more peace to your life and lower your stress by allowing you to express in writing all the good that has entered your day.

How to start such a positive periodical? Try using some of these prompts below for your writing. Don’t feel pressured to put something down every day, try once a week to sum up your last seven days. Remember this is supposed to add to your life not feel like chore, so make it fit for you.

  • List three things that brought you joy today
  • Write a favorite memory from your childhood that you are grateful for
  • Mention a friend or family member that you are blessed to have in your life and why
  • Name a goal that you have achieved recently
  • Describe one of your talents
  • A family tradition that you love to participate in


Don’t forget to re-read previous entries to be an up-lifting reminder on days that your feel less than blessed.

If you need more direction for you writing, try some of these journals …

  • Printable Journal --
  • Purchase a gratitude journal --
  • 52  gratitude prompts --
By Coralia Terol, DPM
December 14, 2017
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Being a part of Frederick Foot & Ankle has been a great experience witnessing all the philanthropy endeavors. For the holiday season, the office has elected to adopt a local family in need of some Christmas cheer. The Frederick Rescue Mission coordinates with individuals and businesses that wish to give back to the community. The volunteers are then assigned a family by concentrating their efforts on making one family holiday season a little less stressful by purchasing what they can on their wish list. This year Frederick Foot & Ankle adopted a family of 5! For the family, we are proud to say that we collected enough money to purchase a bike for each of the children along with clothes, games, and electronics.

Outside of the holiday season The Frederick Rescue Mission provides; food, clothing, back to school essentials, financial medical assistance and help for those struggling with substance abuse.   

The Frederick Rescue Mission, 501-C nonprofit, concentrates their efforts for those in need that are living in Frederick County. If you wish to volunteer or are willing to donate visit to learn more. 

By Isaac Neeqauye
December 07, 2017
Category: Special Olympics

Special Olympics was designated as a way for those with differing abilities to compete in a safe environment. Sports have been shown to increase health awareness, develop self-confidence, and provide social interaction. A lesser known aspect of the Special Olympics is the Healthy Athletes program where six different health disciplines screen the athletes not only to help them compete pain free but to live a healthier life. The Fit Feet portion of the Special Olympics is where lower extremity professionals and students get together to evaluate the athletes free of charge at the games. Fit Feet wants to bring awareness to the importance of foot care and provide advice on different issues that nag the participants or have been noticed by their coaches. At the event the podiatrist along with podiatry students and volunteers measure the athletes for an accurate shoe size, scan the pressure points during their normal stance, provide donated orthotics, write referrals, and relay patient specific lower extremity education.

The experience for the volunteers is uplifting to give back to the community through an organization that has such positive goal.

To get involved in the Special Olympics follow the link below


By Sraddha Lamichhane, DPM
November 15, 2017
Category: Shoes

85% of Americans are wearing the wrong size shoe according to the American College of Sports Medicine. Wearing the wrong size shoes could be the reason that you have pain at the end of the work day or even a work-out.

Some problems that shoes can cause include:

  • Wrong foot posture
  • Excessive rubbing
  • Formation of open wounds
  • Decreased performance
  • Leg muscle fatigue
  • Increased amount of Injuries
  • Feet Swelling
  • Faster progression of foot deformities
  • Toe Nails are bruised, thickened, or fall off

Often these foot fails can be fixed with proper footwear that is the proper size.  

A Brannock Device, pictured above, is used to accurately measure feet. All clinical staff at Frederick Foot & Ankle have been trained in a four-point measuring system to put you in the best shoe possible. The four points of measuring include (1) heel to toe (2) heel to arch (3) width (4) semi-circumference. When ordering shoes staff keeps in mind orthotic devices, braces, and foot deformities. Once shoes are delivered to the office minor adjustments can be made to shoes and assistive devices to give you a more comfortable fit.  

We are happy to measure your feet and provide our expert shoe opinion even for individuals that are not currently patients of Frederick Foot & Ankle.  

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