By Yenisey Yanes, DPM
May 15, 2018
Category: Running

The Frederick Running Festival took place this past weekend, May 5th and 6th, and it was a hit! Frederick Foot & Ankle was honored to be the title sponsors at this event and to be able to support our community in such a positive way. The running festival has been in commission for 16 years and has been a way to bring all the residents of Frederick together and to show off our historic city to out-of-town racers. The Frederick Running Festival had something for everyone; a half marathon, a two-person relay team, a 5k, and a Kids Fun Run.

Visiting the pre-event packet pick-up was an exciting warm-up for the main event. Packet pick-up offered a chance to check out local vendors merchandise, many of which was splattered in the beautiful Maryland flag, and lended the opportunity to chat with businesses about services they offer in the Frederick area. As for race day not only did we trek through beautiful downtown and rural Frederick but the finish line offered beer, bands, and food trucks.

In addition to everything that took place at the Frederick Fair Grounds, one of best aspects of the festival was the charitable donations that were made. A portion of the proceeds from the race were donated to multiple Frederick organizations including; Community Living, Summit Church, Service Coordination, and the Frederick Rescue Mission.

I would be amiss if I didn’t credit the success of the event to the appropriate people and organizations. Thank you to the volunteers, Corrigan Sports, all the athletes that came from near and far, co-sponsors, the City of Frederick, the Frederick City Police Department, and the residents of Frederick! I felt so proud to run next to numerous co-workers and to show off this city that I call home.  

By Nikki Ho, DPM
April 04, 2018
Category: Nail Problems

It is now sandal season!

Do you want people to see your feet?

If your nails are part of the reason you want to wear sneakers to the  beach, then you need Frederick Foot & Ankle. We know how to help!

For the past 8 years, patients have walked in with a nail they were not proud of and left very happy to show off their feet! We perform this “magic” using Keryflex which is a flexible polymer that is painlessly applied directly on top of your nails.

Keryflex is the quickest way to achieve a natural looking nail in just one office visit. The entire procedure takes less than 20 minutes. The Keryflex material is healthy and breathable! Your new Keryflex nail looks, feels, and can be painted just like real nails.

Keryflex is used for multiple nail ailments: damaged nails, thickened nails, and discolored nails.

First, your nail/nails need to be assessed by a Podiatrist. A small piece of the nail may be biopsied, which is painless, to determine the reason for the discoloration and possible treatment, based on the pathology results. After this initial assessment, the nail may be trimmed and shaped. Finally, the Keryflex gel is applied and shaped to match your other nails. The gel is hardened under a UV light.

In less than 30 minutes after walking into the office, you can proudly walk out of the office and into your sandals.

Some things you need to know about the nail procedure:

-          The Keryflex nail will grow out with your natural nail and will need to be filled in every 3 to 6 months, depending on how quickly your nails grow.

-          Be cautions with direct pressure to your nail it can cause it to become loose and come off

-          The procedure is painless

-          Keryflex can be applied to all or one of your nails.

So go ahead, time to put on those sandals!

Frederick foot and Ankle is your one source for all of your lower extremity needs: keeping your feet pain-free and beautiful too!

By Yenisey Yanes, DPM
March 21, 2018
Category: Running
Tags: Frederick   running   shoes   podiatrist   Altra   Zero Drop   Toe Box  

Frederick Foot & Ankle is proud to announce that we will start carrying Altra Running Shoes starting Friday March 23rd!

Our podiatrists agree that the key to healthy feet is proper foot ware for each individual.  Many injuries and deformities of the lower leg are rooted in ill-fitting or improper shoes. This is why we have selected the Altra brand for our My New Feet Store.

There are several reasons why we feel the Altra Running Shoes are a suitable and supportive sneaker

  • Large Toe Box: The front part of the shoe where your toes sit is called the toe box. In many shoes this area is too small leading to deformities like hammer toes and bunions that are caused by limited space in the shoe. When the toes remain in a natural alignment the toe-off of the runner’s gait is more comfortable and efficient.
  • Zero Drop:  Zero Drop is a phrase used to describe that there is no height difference of the shoe from the rearfoot to the forefoot. This keeps your heel and your toes on an even surface when standing flat, providing a more natural stance. When your heel is elevated in a shoe compared to your toes your Achilles tendon and calf are at a shortened position, over time this can lead to a shorter Achilles. An elevated heel also increases the impact on heel strike where zero drop minimizes these effects.
  • Gender Specific: Anatomically speaking men and women’s feet are not the same therefore different shoes are in order. Altra’s men’s and women’s line are manufactured to different specifications, in order to accommodate for the differences that are characteristic for each gender’s feet.
  • Improve Your Techinique: another reason we love Altra is there website provides eductional videos on how to run with better form.

These shoes were formed by a runner for runner’s and altered based on scientific research. We hope that out patients and friends love these shoes as much as we do. 

By Isaac Neequaye, DPM
March 12, 2018
Category: Skin Cancer


In the United Stated there are more skin cancer diagnosis than all other cancer diagnosis combined. Podiatrists can detect skin cancer below the knee but we want all of our readers to be educated on the basics of identifying questionable skin lesions.

A – Asymmetry

If a skin lesion in asymmetrical when you draw a line through the middle of it and it will not look the same on both sides. Freckles, age spots, and other benign pigmented skin areas will look more or less like a circle. The lesions of concern are those that do not have a symmetrical look.  

B – Border

 The border of the area in question should be even and make a roundish shape. An uneven border that changes in thickness, color, and makes many turns is an indication of unhealthy skin.

C – Color

If the spot on your skin is a uniform color or changes only slightly than you are more than likely safe. If the skin spot makes a drastic change from a dark brown to a very pale brown then it is time to show your skin to a professional. Malignant lesions could range from brown, blue, red, tan, white, and black.  

D – Diameter

Most normal skin lesions are below 6 mm. Once the area gets larger than a pencil eraser there is a higher potential for malignancy.  

E – Evolving

when a mole starts to change in any of the above characteristics it is time to have it looked at. Occasionally benign moles will make alterations especially with sun exposure but large change in color, size, and shape are not normal.

There is reason to be concern if a mole become itchy frequently, bleeds regularly, takes an extended period of time to heal, or frequently crusts over. These are just a few other indications that your skin needs treatment. The above guidelines are valuable considering one in five Americans before the age of 70 will be diagnosed with skin cancer.  

Don’t forget to apply sun screen all year around and for any skin questions below the knee Frederick Foot & Ankle is ready to address you concerns.



By Nikki Ho, DPM
February 26, 2018
Category: Heel Pain



Katie Ormerod, a promising 20-year old snow boarder from Great Britain, must cancel on her Olympic plans the week before the winter games start. Ormerod suffered a wrist injury while training but pushed through, only to fracture her calcaneus days before stepping onto the Olympic stage in Pyeongchang. For a snowboarder a heel fracture cannot be ignored but calls for emergency surgery.

Heel fractures tend to happen in high-energy traumatic events such as; extreme sports, falling from a high distance, or a severe car crash. Often after severe trauma the heel can become deformed. The heel can change shape by widening or shortening after a fracture, often surgery is used to restore the normal calcaneus shape. With a change in heel shape the limb length can differ from the right to the left leg leading to a limp.

Arthritis, joint stiffness and joint pain frequently manifest after trauma because of changes that takes place in the foot with any fracture, but on a larger scale with a calcaneal fracture. The calcaneus is the largest bone in the foot and shares a joint space in multiple locations with 3 other bones in the foot/ankle making the calcaneus an integral part of lower limb anatomy and mechanics. To off-set these issues post calcaneal fracture healing occasionally orthotic devices might be needed. Luckily, heel fractures account for only 2% of all fractures but if you happen to fracture your heel Frederick Foot & Ankle is ready to assist you in your recovery. 

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