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By Nikki Ho
February 25, 2015
Category: Podiatry
Tags: Foot Pain   podiatrist   Ankle Pain   Podiatry   Injury   winter   mynewfeet   weather  

Winter weather has most of the North East going stir crazy.  Being stuck inside is no fun for anyone. So much shoveling has been done in the last few weeks it’s unbelievable. Whether we are clearing our driveways, sidewalks or our cars, we are constantly exposing ourselves to the elements. 

Winter Dangers
Be wary of doing prolonged activities or exercises in the cold. Moisture will build up in your clothing and will cause serious limb threatening conditions, such as frostbite, trench foot and/or hypothermia. It is extremely important for you to understand the dangers of winter weather to prevent anything-hazardous happening to your health. 

Frostbite is caused by freezing of the skin and underlying tissues, due to prolonged exposure to cold weather. Early signs of frostbite are your skin becomes very cold and red. Your symptoms will progressively worsen until your skin is numb, hard and pale. Frostbite is most common on the fingers, toes, nose, ears, cheeks and chin. Exposed skin in cold, windy weather is most vulnerable to frostbite. Frostbite is most common on the fingers, toes, nose, ears, cheeks and chin! Also beware frostbite can strike your skin that is semi-protected via your gloves and clothing.

Trench foot
Trench Foot is caused by prolonged exposure to damp, cold, unsanitary conditions. Unlike frostbite trench foot doesn’t necessarily require freezing temperatures. Symptoms to look out for are your foot becoming numb, changes color, swells and starts to smell due to damage to the skin, blood vessels and nerves in the feet. Be aware and try avoiding any situation where your feet are submerged in damp conditions for a prolonged period of time i.e. shoveling or plowing.

Hypothermia is caused by when your body loses heat faster than it can produce heat. This is a considered to be a medical emergency. Normal body temperature is approximately 98.6 F, however you’re considered hypothermic if you body temperature drops below 95 F. In hypothermia you can experience end organ damage to your heart, nervous system and other vital organs.

We hope that you are all staying warm and keeping save in this constant bombardment of these Nor’easters. Don’t hesitate; come into our office Frederick Foot & Ankle if you have any foot or ankle injuries or questions. We would be more than happy to schedule an appointment and discuss options, at any of our 3 offices in Frederick, MD or Urbana, MD. 


By Nikki Ho

By Yenisey Yanes
February 23, 2015
Category: Footwear
Tags: shoes   podiatrist   Podiatry   mynewfeet   2015   grammys   pharrell   adidas   paul mittleman  

Hopefully everyone is recovering from the Grammy's, which aired 2 weeks ago. We had a fantastic time at our viewing party. The 57th Grammy Awards made music history! Sam Smith won record of the year for his song “Stay with Me”.  He was also one of the top nominees of the big night. Smith also won for new artist, song of the year and best pop vocal album. He was amongst Grammy greats Pharrell and Beyoncé, who were also nominated for 6 awards.

As most of you have heard in one way or another, Beck won the Grammy for album of the year for “Morning Phase,” with also won for best rock album. And again Kayne West made his way into the headlines, bumrushing Beck and criticizing him that he was unworthy of the title best album of the year, and it should have been Beyoncé.  A very similar outburst occurred with Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMA's.

On a brighter note, did you guys see Pharrell’s, fresh kicks? If not check them out! Pharrell isn’t shy to admit that he is a constant collaborator with Adidas – especially this Grammys. He sported his 3M Adidas short suit with matching sneakers. You can check the bedazzled sneakers out on Adidas designer Paul Mittleman instagram account. We definitely agree with his style choices, which looked comfortable, functional and fashionable.

We look forward to seeing what all the celebs will be wearing  for the Oscars! If you or someone you know might be interested in discussing more about footwear for your own parties this award season don’t hesitate, come into our office Frederick Foot & Ankle. We would be more than happy to schedule an appointment and discuss options, at any of our 3 offices in Frederick, MD or Urbana, MD. 

By Yenisey Yanes

By Coralia Terol
February 10, 2015
Category: Orthotics

Proper body alignment
Have you ever felt that when you are walking or running that your body is out of whack, and not aligned properly? If one part of your body isn’t balanced out it can cause havoc on all of your bones, joints, and muscles, which are trying to compensate. With this compensating mechanism, the bones, joints, and muscles surrounding the problem area start pulling out of proper alignments resulting in pain/soreness. This leads to wear and tear of the joint cartilage.  The wear and tear of the cartilage can affect the way you walk and even run. In some cases, the damage is so severe that joint replacements are necessary.

Many people complain about sore knees and hips and sore backs, but where you feel the pain is not always the source of the pain. Approximately 80% of time the problems originate from having a underlying foot condition that is causing this unbalanced feeling and alignment problems.

Without treatment these aches and pains can worsen.

There are different foot disorders that can cause alignment issues.

  1. The pressure distribution is different between the left and right feet, and the patients is placing more pressure on one side than the other.
  2. There can be 2 different foot types in one single patient. For example, one foot can be a flat foot type and the other can be a high arching foot type. Also, there can be 2 different degrees of flat feet and 2 different degrees of high arches.

The most common treatment for these alignment problems are custom molded orthotics. Orthotics will help re-distribute your body weight into places where it should be to balance out both sides. Using orthotics will help your body restore proper alignment and balance between the bones, joints, and muscles and should help calm down the aches and pains of your knees, hips and back.

If you want to further discuss body alignment or are interested in a pair of custom molded orthotics, schedule an appointment with us! We would be happy to help you and your alignment issues. So don’t hesitate to stop on by your friendly podiatrist at any of our 3 Frederick Foot & Ankle offices.

By Coralia Terol

By Alvin Bannerjee
January 28, 2015
Category: Uncategorized
Tags: podiatrist   Podiatry   paris   france   je suis charlie   Hebdo  

 “Je suis Charlie” has been splashed crossed many news headlines recently. But do you know what it really means? Literally, it translates to “I am Charlie”, but it truly stands for and is used as a slogan by supporters of free speech and freedom of expression. This phrase became popular after the massacre in Paris, France, earlier this month. 

Many of our patients and staff members were asking about this phrase over the past few weeks and we thought that we could discuss this in our blog this week. 

“Je suis Charlie” is a way for people to unify and show their support for the victims of the Charlie Hebdo shooting, January 7, 2015. In rallying together, these supporters are in favor of freedom of speech and resistance to other armed threats to society. 
However, this can be a very controversial topic. This simple phrase can show support and it can also represent a divide and further segregation by choosing sides from one another. 

Its amazing social media can spread the word of a movement to millions of people so quickly.  We hope this blog didn’t bore you, we thought we would try something new this week. “Je suis Charlie” is an important message that has been heard all over the world and has been spread via social media, first on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

If you want to further discuss this with us you can, but we really know more about your foot and ankle injuries. So don’t hesitate to stop on by your friendly podiatrist at any of our 3 Frederick Foot & Ankle offices. 

By Alvin Bannerjee

By Brenna Steinberg
January 14, 2015
Category: Flat Feet
Tags: Foot Pain   Flat Feet   running   surgery   podiatrist   Ankle Pain   Arch Pain  

Flat Feet

Flat feet is a term used to describe a specific foot type. Flat foot is exactly what you might think it mean, when your medial arch collapses when you are standing up; allowing the complete sole of your foot touch the ground.

Problems Associated with Flat Feet

Often people with flat feet have ankle and knee pains or injury because this foot type is not the ideal alignment of your legs. This leads to unstableness and increase stress on the joints and soft tissue surrounding it, including ligaments and tendons.  People with flat feet can often have aches and pains in the heel and the arch of their feet, along with swelling on the inside of their ankles.

Surgery to fix Flat Feet

There are many way to surgically correct flat feet. First you need to address all three planes that are affected; frontal, saggital and transverse. To correct the frontal plane you can cut into the heel bone and slide the posterior slice of bone medially to help change the pull of the Achilles tendon to help bring up that medial part of the arch. To fix the saggital plane deformity, you can take out a wedge of the top side of the medial cuneiform bone, in the midtarsal. To correct the transverse plane deformity you can take portion of the navicular tuberosity off and reattach the posterior tibial tendon plantar and distal to the anatomical insertion. Here are just a few options that would be considered to surgically correct a flat foot.

If you or someone you know might be interested in discussing more about flat feet, come on into our office Frederick Foot & Ankle. We would be more than happy to schedule an appointment, at either of our 3 locations in Frederick, MD or Urbana, MD. We can set you up the proper evaluation and treatment plan to help you relieve your foot and ankle concerns; don’t hesitate visiting your local podiatrists!

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